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About InnerVision Studio, Inc.

InnerVision Studio Inc. combines my private psychotherapy practice (in West
Boca Raton, West Delray Beach, and West Boynton Beach) along with the
guided imagery creations I have developed. In my full time private practice
I am devoted to assisting people with health and life challenges. I combine
traditional psychotherapy with my specialties in Behavioral Medicine and
Healing Touch.

My guided imagery CDs are available FREE of charge to my clients. The MP3
downloads are available to everyone for FREE. Please PAY IT FORWARD by

making a small donation to your favorite charity.

InnerVision Studio, Inc. CD and MP3 works are dedicated to the creation
and production of self-hypnosis/guided imagery experiences to assist people
with a variety of health and life challenges such as cancer, anxiety, insomnia,
immune dysfunction, stress management, pain management, and critical illness.
My commitment lies in empowering people to discover their internal
resources through the use of powerful mind-body techniques, which have been
substantiated by the research literature. My mission is to touch as many lives
as I can through teaching people how to access the healing power of the mind-
body connection to create a real difference through hope, empowerment, belief,
and healing.

There were two significant events that inspired the development of InnerVision
Studio, Inc. in 1991. The first was in 1986 when both of my parents were
diagnosed with cancer at the same time. This was an experience that touched
me personally and had a profound influence on my work. I was determined to
find a way to make a difference for cancer patients and others with health and
life challenges. I began to use my knowledge of the mind-body connection,
psychoneuroimmunology, and hypnosis to develop customized guided imagery
experiences to assist family, friends and clients. The next significant event
occurred with a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. I created guided
imagery cassette tapes (yes that was the media at that time) to assist her through
all phases of treatment including surgery, recovery from surgery, chemotherapy
and radiation therapy. The benefits from the tapes were profound every step of
the way! Her experience touched me deeply and convinced me that I needed
to reach others through this heartfelt mission to assist them with their healing
journeys. It was at this point InnerVision Studio, Inc. was born.

Prior to the development of this website, guided imagery experiences were
distributed throughout the United States in health food stores, bookstores,
and hospital gift shops. They also appeared in numerous national catalogues
including ECaP (Bernie Siegelís Exceptional Cancer Patient Organization),
People Against Cancer, New Leaf, and Varied Direction. InnerVision Studio,
Inc.ís products are also approved for distribution to the Whole Food Market
and Wild Oats health food store chains. These tapes have been used by 1000ís
of patients in Cancer Treatment Centers through out the United States including
Fred Hutchinson, Sylvester, Dana Faber, MD Anderson and Sloan Kettering.
The National Cancer Institute and Duke University have reviewed the Bone
Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant tape, Your Renewal. The Cancer Wellness Series
CDs had also been donated to cancer patients who participated at The Wellness
Community in Boca Raton, FL.

These works in their various forms (tapes, CDs, and MP3s) had been sold
through this website since 2000. In 2012 this all changed. I was affected by so
many random acts of violence that I became inspired to counter with random
acts of kindness.

Now the MP3ís are available to all for FREE.


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